Helio Gutierrez Pottery
Helio Gutierrez Pottery
Helio Gutierrez Pottery

Helio Gutierrez Pottery

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Helio Gutierrez grew up watching his mother create functional clay pots, however,
it was an apprenticeship under Don Gregorio that set Helio Gutierrez path to change the future of San Juan pottery.
After learning from Gregorio, Helio Gutierrez established the roots of modern innovation which have influence the pueblo as a whole.
Winner of international acclaim including the UNESCO award for excellence,
Helio Gutierrez is the father of the modern potter movement of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.
San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua has a pottery tradition that dates back thousands of years.
Originally known as San Juan de los Platos for the plates and traditional cooking vessels that were being crated there.
The rich muddy clay is dug within and around the pueblo and is clearly the reason that the pottery tradition has such strong roots.
The community of San Juan de Oriente now has moved toward a more contemporary style of pottery mixed in with techniques for time gone by.
Many of the designs of the pueblo are of Maya, Nicoya, and other local ethnic cultures.

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