The Gifted Floridian Deluxe Old Florida Gift Basket

The Gifted Floridian Deluxe Old Florida Gift Basket

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The Gifted Floridian is a gift basket business started and run by Nancy, a LEAP graduate and manager of Dragonfly Thrift Boutique. The baskets feature farmer's market style gourmet products all produced by small, local Floridian vendors.



Café La Carreta –La Carreta Restaurants have been serving Miami's most popular Cuban Style Coffee for over 39 years. The special blend of selected beans and precise roasting formula is a family-owned secret recipe. Carafe included!

Craize – Miami’s Craize crackers enhance today’s lifestyle: gluten-free, vegan, kosher and most of all tasty! The perfect canvas for a vast array of creative toppings – wherever your imagination takes you. 

Exquisito ChocolatesMiami’s own chocolate factory produces bean to bar chocolates using only the best and most ethically sourced cacao beans. Beans are roasted and ground to perfection using only sugar, no preservatives or additives.

Florida Salt Scrubs Co. – Based in Delray Beach, Florida; they work with ingredients supplied by mother nature.  Their premium quality skin care products are crafted with care using their own original recipes all coconut oil based. 

Gables Delight – Jams made right here in Coral Gables, that merge local and natural ingredients with traditional methods to create new flavors with everyday fruit.

i Heart Bees – In Polk County, Florida, i Heart Bees proudly brings you only raw, unfiltered honey.  This provides the most nutrients & active enzymes needed to get the results you want...oh, & it tastes great. 

Old Florida Gourmet Products – Produce specialty chips seasoned to perfection and salsas in a variety of flavors to create a snacking experience like no other. Made in Palm City, Florida. Enjoy!

Sudz Cosmetics & Skincare - Based in Saint Cloud, Sudz makes soaps, scrubs, bath bombs & more with naturally sourced ingredients always. This mother daughter team started with the fizzy bath bomb and now has a whole line-up of high-quality skincare products.

Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co. - Yaupon tea is unexpectedly good and good for you. Each leaf is hand-plucked, carefully dried or fire-roasted, graded, milled, and hand-packed in Edgewater, Florida.

All presented in a recycled farmer's market style basket! 

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Why choose us?

we give the gift of a second chance

Dragonfly Thrift Boutique is a part of the Ladies Empowerment & Action Program (LEAP), a nonprofit empowering women to put prison in their past. All proceeds from Dragonfly Thrift benefit LEAP.

This beautiful photo of LEAP graduate, Christie, was taken by photographer, Alexandra Vivas.

Dragonfly empowers women through

In-prison education

Dragonfly Empowers women through


Two LEAP graduates working at Dragonfly Thrift Boutique

Dragonfly Empowers women through

Post-release Employment Training

We Empower women through

life-long community

Two LEAP graduates having fun together