the 'more than' collection

LEAP’s More Than Project calls for the restoration of human dignity for formerly incarcerated women by emphasizing that we are all more than our past and more than any label.

We have developed a fashion collection with designs aiming to change the narrative and the language used for formerly incarcerated women. LEAP graduates have worked hard to bring this project to fruition.

Each design in the ‘More Than’ Collection will be released one in a series of fashion drops which LEAP graduates have helped bring to fruition. Designs are named after LEAP graduates, and each drop will be accompanied by the personal story of the woman it is named after.



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Revolutionary love: our mission

Many people in our society often label formerly incarcerated women with derogatory words that carry a negative weight. However, the reality is that before these women were classified as any of those labels, they were facing hardship. 82% of imprisoned women are subjected to sexual abuse as children. 75% are survivors of domestic violence as adults. 73% suffer from mental illness. 100% are victims of a failed safety net. 

For 13 years LEAP has been one of the only non profits in the country to focus exclusively on supporting formerly incarcerated women heal. LEAP does so by providing education, housing, employment, and Revolutionary Love. Everything that we do at LEAP is rooted in the concept of Revolutionary Love, a love that can transform systems that undermine, oppress, and degrade others. With Revolutionary Love, we believe that real change is possible.

To us, Revolutionary Love includes a radical transformation in how we view and talk about formerly incarcerated women. We want society to see that the women coming out of prison are mothers, sisters, daughters… humans deserving of compassion, empathy, and opportunity. That’s why we are launching our “More Than” Project.

More than a fashion show

Our “More Than” project isn’t just about t-shirts. This fall, we’ll present a slate of informational sessions and guest speakers to educate the public about the challenges women face during re-entry. We will also continue to support our LEAP women through job training, counseling, and other programs. Our work with the “More Than” campaign will culminate in our first ever “More Than a Fashion Show,” slated for April 30th 2022. Here, with support from our community partners, our ladies will model the “More Than” collection, with all proceeds benefiting LEAP.

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We are all worthy of dignity. We are all worthy of being called by name. At LEAP and Dragonfly Thrift Boutique, we offer hope and resources for women re-entering life after prison. With your help, we can provide our women with the resources and the support necessary to transform their lives.